Emma, no!

How can you say "no" to that sweet face?!

Oh trust me, as sweet and as cuddly as she looks... girlfriend is mischevious!


Last week Emma started walking. IM TIRED. Before she realized that her legs can move on their own, she was a professional furniture scaler.  She was doing her daily laps around the coffee table and next thing you know, shes taking off full speed to the screen door! Ever since then, I feel like every other word out of my mouth is "NO!"


Emma was headed straight for the basement stairs and in the mix of folding the laundry, that I had just folded but Emma decided to unfold and throw accross the room, (from being right by my side to no short of 2 seconds later) I hadn't realized that she was off to the stairs! (I know what you're thinking... time for a baby gate! brb going to Target.) Immediately I yelled "EMMA NO!!!!!" as 4 million things ran through my head in the 2 (literally 2) seconds she was over there.  The look on her face was absolutely heart breaking.  I had starttled her so bad, she was terrified! The look on her face made me feel like she was terrified of me.  Since that moment, I have not raised my voice when saying "no" to her, or at all really.  


There are so many other ways to get through to your babies.  After the age of 2 their first time learning skills slow down a little bit (like learning not to hit, yell, bite, words and the feelings behind them, etc...) and the habits that we form, the feelings we created from our reactions (good or bad) are much harder to break.  By then, they've gotten used to things and we can never teach them for the FIRST time ever again. 


So I am starting with the word "no".  No (in different ways of the word) is okay I feel like - and I'm sure it's every other word out of your mouth too.  I've started to say "Emma, no thank you" or try to explain to her why what she is doing is not okay.  For example she heeled me in the eye two days ago and laughed about it.  It was kind of funny but she doesn't need to know that.  I sat her up and said "Emma that hurt mommy, we don't kick".  It seems silly to talk to your 13 month old like that thinking "does she really understand me?" but she did! She batted her eyes at me and started patting my eye with her hand.  It didn't help the fact that I was still seeing stars but it helped my heart and reminded me that although she is only 13 months old, she is so much smarter than I think.  


Like I said, I am no professional, but I've really leaned on my mama friends as I have been learning how to "mom" so hopefully you can lean on me!  It's also nice to know that we are all the same! It really does take a village. 


My peak of this past week: Emma started walking!!!

My pit of this past week: Emma wont stop walking!!!

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See you next week,

XO Jourdan